The Breaking Of A Dam

6th Feb '07 (just before dawn)

Sometimes, for no reason at all
the dam, just breaks..
There was no pressure,
there was nothing,
Still, the flow got through.

I left the crowds behind,
actually, had mentally left them a while ago,
So, I left the crowds behind
and yet their laughter rang hollow in my ears.
I was a part of the laughter once.
Once, at a time..
time, which isn't now.

Walking on lone paths
of grass and meadow
and graveled blocks
also strewn with dried winter leaves...
I stopped before the beginning actually began,
stopped, to recollect.
to think,
to resolve...
but, writing seems enough for now....


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supriya said...

the dam breaks, the water gushes out..flows all over and then receedes or dries up..
We walk together, then walk alone..maybe find loved ones, maybe loose them..and the pattern goes on..
write on..cuz its the best thing ever..and while ur at it..u realise that it does give u satisfaction!