12th Aug '07

What to do with SRK?

Ok. I loved him. Maintained files. Had pictures. Innocentchildhood craze. But I got over it abd started looking at him as an actor, critically and inspite of the soft-spot I never let any opinionated biases creep in.

Then came along this week.
...when I saw this fairness cream brand endorsed by him. Why did he do it?The soft spot vanished and it bacame a doubt spot instead. Don't he or any of those other guys/people in this huge world realize what these ads do? It makes racists out of already colour-biased people in India. And makes normal people get into complexes which they don't need throttled down their throat. And sells these fairness products.

When the truth is that the ones who have a problems are the ones who need a tonic or a brain cream to whiten/make fair their dark biases, not the ones with the darker skin tones. After all, isn't Naomi Cambell gorgeous, and she'd hate anyone suggesting a fair and lovely to her, I'm sure.

ANyway coming back to SRK.
I really don't think I can respect him anymore, being associated with you-know-what?
But, apart from this issue, critically acclaiming the end of the week SRK interlude with CHak De India was nice. He acts well, mimimalizing his starness. The story plays perfectly. Loved it. Though a bit predictible at times, wins my heart. Maybe a woman-bias.

But still, a butt again. coming back to the previous rut. Money shouldn't rule over all the criterions.
It kills people (real people within).
And people are important.


azurevyom said...

ppl are important, yes touche on that.

supriya said...

and people are hypocrites.
whether we like it or not!