Facing the Monster

14th Aug '07

I kicked the monster today
hard onto his face.
I pushed him into a dungeon
he'll never scare me again.
I killed him out of sight.
I defeated him in his mind.
I shoved him into the glass
which could have been the mirror to his soul.
I wish I'd kicked him just once more.
Harder and so that it really got sore.
Kicks and slaps: do they work?
Monsters: do they have a conscience at all?
If they had. Would they be monsters at all?


azurevyom said...

monsters Don't have a conscience.

we have seen them before.
They always show pretense, and let others be fooled. Whoa re we to tell.

They all will realize in due time.

Shreeja said...

may lord give us the mental strength to fight them..
we are the 'Empowered' today