26th August '07

This day is about to end.....
the stroke of midnight would do it here.
gmt+5.5 hrs or ist
with it ends the weekend.
the weekend a loop....
thru which I ran a marathon...
which looped me to the week again.
would it be a weekend..I'd wait for?
I donno..
maybe it's the week I await...
or maybe the month..
or maybe not the time at all..
maybe I do not wish to run through
maybe I'm not running..
maybe I just need a walk...by his side..
there's no room for maybe...
I pushing you maybes out.
Out you go.
U exist.
That I do not deny.
Or not acknowledge.
But I'm not gonna mention u again.
Atleast not for today..
I'll wait till the pendulum moves to strike the Cinderella hour of doom.

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