12th December ‘07


A bottle of rum, or whiskey, or beer.


He wants it. He says, ‘ I have to have one of these three’. If I don’t get it, I’ll not say.

But why these bottles? Why not anything else? He wants the bottle only? Or the stuff in it also? Will he drink the stuff first and then speak? What if he passes out? Gets drunk? Senile. How his statements would be authenticated? Shouldn’t we give him third degree??

Third degree or a bottle? The choice is yours. Decide.


Lemme go.

No way. You can’t. You are in my clutches now. You can never be free.

Why? What did I do? What have I ever done to you?

You’ll never be free. When you’ll frustrate and wanna get free, you’ll hurt yourself even more. Never I say, never.


It’s the curse of ‘----‘. Everyone has to pay for it. The truer you are. More the trouble. More the hurt. More the pain.

What’s the logic?

No logic. It’s not fair. That’s the way of the world. Go laugh your lungs out as you bleed.


1 comment:

vyzz kid said...

Haven't written for quite some time, maybe the storm that had invaded your mind, has now come to peace. :)

and im super happy..because happiness is flowing like champagne now. And no more complaints now. No more. I hope.