5th December '07

A bug sets in somewhere…
A mind-bug…
It deletes all important stuff which is to remain in your head.
A temporary delete..
It’s a bug after all
A small bug
Not dangerous
Not dangerous all
So where were we
Aah yes
Temporary delete
It’s like you think
A thought seeps in
And poof
It’s gone
This bug likes to stay in a clean head
In the temporary chamber of course
It causes zombiness
If that’s a word
Coz the word doc underlines it
Underlines it with red curly yet straight line
So what
So what if it’s not a word
It could be
Who knows what comes tomorrow?
It’s a question
But it doesn’t need an answer
Back to the bug
Why so much deviation
Beats me
It makes me write
Write stuff
Stuff of this sort

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