Black Out

31st October '03

Darkness and night in my little world.
There is this faint light, ray of hope
which flickers now and then
but then dies...and so do I, a hundred deaths everyday...
...everyday... series of living hell and ecstatic deaths
in the blackness, lightless, grave silence.

Silene incenses my world,
I have but, all but peace...
Darned with concern regarding someone
and laced with the same someone's behaviour patternata
the heart leaps to and fro
From dungeons to heights,
From peaks to deep valleys... all in a jiffy.

My world is not of woe,
Neither of wet weeping, nor of yelping cries...
Here the unspoken words reside,
Imprisoned are the feelings,
And emotions bleed gracefully, painfully but uncomplainingly.

Dream shells are scattered on the sand, beside the turbulent sea,
But they fool the eyes like a mirage...
Stooping to pick them, I get nothing but sand, which also slips away...
I'm left with nothing
Nothing is what i get out of all i wanted,
And without that, in my eyes, in my heart,

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