The Scarred Heart

29th August '02

The utter feeling of desolation and abandonment, is it true? Or is it my misconception?
The fear which resides inside me is restless today. Is it without reason?
The time has come to face the facts, facts which were blinded with hope.
Yes it’s show time, remove the curtains and let reality speak for itself.
Let there be no lies, no postponements, no reassurances.
Heart-ache is destined; let the knife cut it today than tomorrow.
The shimmering scarlet stream accompanied with salty teardrops flow.
Let it flow among time’s ebb and flow and take the pain away.
Pain with agonies and delights of true love.
Love so incomplete and yet complete with the pain.
Love, yes complete, complete in the way a person breathes,
Breathes to live and dies to abandon pain.

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