Living Memories

14th December '03

Old, torn, scribbled pieces of paper...
A dog on the road and a playing child,
A song with beautiful lyrics
...they all trigger something.
The moon, the stars and the shade of sky,
A cup of coffee and a picture on the bedside,
Echoing conversations inside, between my two ears
...push me away from this world.
Dreams which I see- be it day or night,
A cherished gift and a greeting card,
A packet full of treasured rubbish
...excite me, remind me of you.
Unspoken words, unfulfilled yearning,
Salty water on smiling lips,
A letter addressed but delivered not,
...just watch the time tick away...


Alka said...

I like your poems :) You are talented. I have bookmarked your blog so I could enjoy your poems often. I see that you are in Kolkata. Are you a Bengali ? Because I absolutely love Bengali. I only know one sentence of it.

ps. Nice pic :)

Anonymous said...

as i kept readin I realized how beautifully u had unfolded ur feelin....or ur thoughts into those lines....again...wat i can say is....impeccable,immaculate.
...keep writin.....
ur friend