The Nude In The Matter

5th October '03

Tear out the covers which hide it
Shed the veils of shame,
The nude in the matter
Is throbbing with pain.

Stare at it hard … really hard …
With autumn the leaves have all fallen.
Decipher the code, the gesture, the emotions
Before, new leaves cloak its breasts.

Who can take the barren winter?
Who can be pierced with its chills?
Not you, not me, not anyone,
We’re too petrified, too afraid.

It takes an honest eye
Which peeps from its soul
To pull the sheets
And delve into the stark nakedness.

1 comment:

Ashwini said...

Hey awesome poem... really really touchy. And You've written a lot of em nice ones... but this one's special.. a class apart! Proud of u ya!