5th March '07

hey hey hey
here I am starting to write without any idea what I'm gonna end up writing.
I've read some places, that the best way to start writing is with a blank sheet and a pointed pencil.
Blank sheet is this li'l window amidst a surmount of a desktop display and other li'l thumbnails on the big screen of my Mac (no. 13, that is). And for the sharpened pencil, I have my fingers, not sharp though....but yeah I can make up with the sharpness of my mind.
No offense to the great ones of the pencil-paper idea, I am with them, totally. But too lazy to transfer and digitalize efforts. See that's what it all boils down to in the end. The old laziness syndrome. ooooooh......and aaahhhh for the couch potato syndrome.....it's been ages since I've actually sat in front of the TV and had a meal. No matter all the gyaan and the rights and the wrongs, it was strangely gratifying.
hee hee
oh! papa...lol...You used to come from the office and see me sprawled in front of the TV, you'd say "tch tch saara din TV" and I'd be like "I just came, here. Just Switched it on." When I myself wouldn't know how many minutes were invested. Note the word, investment. It is an investment. Totally an investment. Wish I had that much time to do the investment, now. (yeah, not once have I seen even a single episode of the show which has SRK on the Bachhan Hot Seat)

Ending note......
I've learnt that
Tears Dry
Time Heals
Old friends remain
New friends become Old
Old friends remain
Old friends become family
Family becomes friends
It's all so confusing

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supriya said...

i love the ending note.
its to be lived by!!!