1st March '07

very very very very far i wanna go..
wanna keep running and running and running
and running till everything becomes numb
and i cease to feel
and if i do, i feel nothing

wanna believe that the earth is flat
such that i fall of it
into the cosmic space

people, things, situations,
nothing feels right
it's all so...
i donno how to describe it
what to call it
should it be called..weird?
i donno
and i don't care about definitions anymore
whatever it is
i wanna get rid of it

where are those days?
those friends?
those people?
those cousins?
those games?
have i gone really so far, that i'll never find my way back?
they were not special, just normal, clear, clean..
filled with laughter, conversations which floated in the air..
no doubts.. no benefit of a doubt...

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