6th March '07


You should not run after anything, it will run further away from you. But what if I run faster? ANd catch it.
You should wait for it to come to you, Let it lose, If it's yours it will return. If it doesn't it never was yours. What shit? If I keep waiting like this for ideas and thinKing they are not mine if they don't come like "eureka" to me, I'll have to change my career path yet again. HUH!
I feel like Harry Potter now, on my IMAC13 (he was better off, he had Nimbus 2000) looking for the Golden Snitch. The golden award winning idea....that's actually secondary, actually an idea which Gratifies me and I pet it and say..."hey I thought of this, this is my Little Ideaby"
just thinking of my Ideaby....sorry Ideabies got me excited and smiling.....
now have to go through the labour pains....

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Anonymous said...

wats an ideaby