5th September '07

Before dawn

Emptiness in me thinks
And saliva rushes through the jaws
Not to remind of or demand edible delicacies
But to tick of the phantom of desires
And to ask it to die,
Yet again, today
With silent wetness.

A blinking red beam in the distance
Against the less red sky near the horizon..
Does it mock the twinkle of not-to-be-seen-stars-today?

Why is the sickness in me so strong today?
And why is my mind not able to defeat it today?
All the MUs turn into PUs today..
While my head sells itself into the land of whirling pain,
The home of the migraine.

(MU stands for Mental Ulti and PU stands for Physical Ulti. They are some shortforms used by me in a li'l circle of friends to basically distinguish between "feel like puking" and "actually puking")


supriya said...

The home of migraine!
sounds familiar...

maybe i should adopt the terms MU and PU too :D

Shreeja said...

MU and PU were children of necessity...
..with the exams in sxc and cfa..
my fav phrase that time was.."i feel like puking"