Arrival at the point of desire, is it?

21st September '07

We never want to go anywhere. We never want to reach anyplace. We never want to run away. If we think we do, we are fooling ourselves. All we ever want to do is arrive at perfection, the point of desire in life. And when we do, and no sooner have we stayed there awhile, we feel that ‘life is not moving’.

I want to reach somewhere too. Arrive at a place, a space within. It’s perennial that I arrive there soon. But no sooner I reach it, tire out and go to sleep, I see it has slipped away. Am I moving towards it? Is ‘it’ what I should be moving towards in the first place?
Is ‘it’ it?

Can someone tell me, what’s short term and long term? I know the definitions. Thank you. Is short term a week, a month or a year? Or is it a term of short collectible bundles? Long term is how long? If I go long enough, wouldn’t the rest of the long term become short again? So what term am I dealing with? I don’t know if it’s short or long. I know it’s a term.

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Nedra said...

Interesting to know.