Thoughts de Motocicleta

22nd September '07

When we don't know where we are headed, or where we should be headed we should just take a trip to nowhere in particular. Some time without purpose and then let the purpose dawn on us, as we see the world.

Are the holidays and trips, planned for us by the tourism departments with fancy hotels and low airfare and stringest timing issues, holidays?

A true holiday is one where you are travelling two dimensions together, maybe. One inside and one outside.

Like says Che in Diarios de motocicleta (the motorcycle diaries) "let the world change you and then you can change the world"

P.S.- now that I've seen the movie, I crave the book.


azurevyom said...

Well can I now see the movie BRIDGES OF MADISON COUNTY..since you've done something you'd never do before! LOL

Shreeja said...

oh shut up...
no matter what..
i'm not gonna let you do that...
it's BOMC....u can never compromise being my friend. It's my favourite. Have a heart, madame.