16th September '07

Bridges I made across forever…
To walk with you under the blue dome…
But the distances gap the planks on my bridge
With what shall I fill them, my love?

I walked some moments by your side,
I locked my fingers, they were entwined…
Do not make me unwound the clasp
Do not make me say goodbye again.
Not yet.

Just another moment, another minute, another hour, another day,
A week, a year, a lifetime…
Just one more till the next…
Hold me till I die…
Cause I can’t even live, when you’re not there.

Don’t flow, my tears.
Stop I say.
Ungrateful wretches…
He’d come to make me happy
And still I grieve his departure.

I told you the dams would break…
Seeing you, my flow, won’t stop…
Don’t wipe my tears today.
Don’t ask me to stop.
Atleast today, I don’t weep alone.

Come back soon, my love, really soon.
This time be back forever.
This time be here without the parting.
This time leave the goodbyes behind.
Next time,
Never ever part.

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