13th April '07..on the dot 00:00 hrs

Sorry life, For being such a whiney the other day.
I'm not a loser. I'm a winner. At least I believe in indulging in a fair game. But then they say, "everything is fair in love and war". But I don't think so. Everything is not fair in love. And War in itself is an unfair concept, so no further argument to be put there.

Today I'm all ready to rock my life. Get on with it. Ride the waves higher still. And then when the waves have stretched their arms to the limit to open my arms and soar to the stars. But, wouldn't there also, I'd be just one among so many stars? Hmm? Then why do people want to become "stars" all the time? I never get it. Like I've said before. I never want to get famous. I don't want to be a known face. I just want to be known as I am, truly, to my near and dear ones and also those who matter to me. I don't want to remembered in history. But I want to exist long after I'm no more in spirit, as spirit in people's hearts. People who'd know me, for what I am, would be the was then. Most of all, I just want to get into and totally immersed in what I do, hundred percent. To be able to truly live my life. Get under the surface.

Let me get the force....build it up to the limit....to a limit which is limitless, and then everything, anythiing which comes on-road to within, to depth...to just cut across it. Totally. Such that nothing, nothing stops me, stops the gush, the flow. The flow is

"Charaivati"- hey where did this term come from? I can remember an old school Hindi chapter, "Behta PAni Nirmala". Don't remember the author. But there the author uses the words. Charaivati Charaivati. Chalna hee jeevan hai. Meaning, Life is what goes on, it's a constant move. Stopping is death.


Keshav said...

Guess who wrote behta paani nirmala?? My great grandfather!!

hayabusa said...

sacchidaanand hiranand vatsayayn agney