3rd April '07 (was it dawn?)

It's so goddamn difficult
to let people understand the system,
It's really pissing when
the winds, the elements are all troubled by a single intention.
It's really very not so considerate and pleasing
when what you do and your intentions are not reciprocated.
Much worse, when misinterpreted.
It's really stupid at times to go out of your way
for some, who'd never do the same for you.
It's a selfish world,
that's all that it is in the end.
To live selflessly here,
is a big mistake.
Compassion's to be curbed,
Love is to be hidden,
Care, never to let get through.
Coz' what happens is,
no-one really cares
and all they do is put-up acts.
Coz' what really is,
that it's the masks all around,
and all emotions forged to use you,
once and again.
The smiles, the jokes,
not all is clean.
Faces, gestures and words,
not to be taken on the face,
never, ever, never, ever.
In my li'l world i'd stay.
Outer self to the outer world.
A sheath I'd lock so tightly over,
impenetrable except to time-tested few.
I've learned my lessons,
my eyes can see.
I've got my dues,
won't expect them ever back.
Some accounts are better open,
the closure's often weird.
The dreams are awakened.
A sound sleep is pushed away.
Maybe, I'll be fresh tomorrow (actually today),
only if sleep comes back to me.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

life is all messed up over here...
and there's always solution in chaos.
Never get close to people, coz when you do, life pinches you so hard, that the sting remains and you probably get over it.
But you remember the feel.

Can you forget the cold stares?
Can you remember the good times, when you are going through the bad?

and is it easy to forgive?

its a whole lot complicated.

But there are some people who stay in your fingers like those fine grains of sand, and then you just let those go, who you could never actually get along with.