29th April '07

I see the dark retreating now. It's moving away. Fading iinto the deep shades of blue which seem to glow momentarily and then lightens.

And as this cool breeze envelopes the whole being I see the mighty emerge. Birds chirp in chorus, welcome hymns. It's the daylight, orange and crimson and illuminative.

I see this light getting into me, gently, pushing it's way into me. The darkness inside me is restless, very restless. It's dying. It's being subdued. But this morning breeze calms me, cools me.

I feel like I've awakened. Awakened now, from a deep sleep. Ironically, I didn't sleep at all. Not a wink.

The birds are doing their morning chores in the trees in full swing. Totally, musically in the groove. Some early risers, already setting off for work. Maybe some pending work awaits?

The darkness inside me flutters. It wants to fly free. I can't let it go. Still.

I look around for red. Where are you? Isn't your arrival due now? Even the flowers bloom out of their buds to catch a glimpse of you. And you, just take your time. Why?

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