28th April '07

From :( to :) in a moment which was less than a second. Why? A miracle I thought I'd never see. A shooting star. I can't stop smiling since then. I was lying down on some prickly bed of somewhat soft grass and jabbering away, deep in thought in my own world. And it happened.

Just a li'l TWIK. That's it. That's how the star fell on me and disappeared. I didn't see the flash of light and the tail thingie, which they show in movies and illustrations. It was just the drop of star falling, as if it couldn't wait for me to come to her and just came onto me, with a gush of emotion?. maybe?

I know it's a scientific normal thing. Nothing great. But for me it was superfantabulous. And I'm not buying any argument about it being anything less.

And wishing a li'l wish isn't superstitious at all. It's nice, makes one happy. At least makes me. What if it's actually comes true?

P.S.- A cobra, deadly poisonous was also spotted on campus today. 3 feet they say and shining. I walked up and down cautiously, but the king wouldn't reveal itself to me. Maybe for my benefit only.

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