A little bit of?

20th April '07

A ray of hope is all I need.
A ray of hope to live.
A ray of hope that life is there,
and it's a life that breathes.

A flicker of doubt which lives.
A tiny spec of dust.
A mere, toothless smile which is true
and just a little trust.

A little bit of blue sky
which holds all the hues...
hues and stars and moon and magic...
all in a little sky.

A little bit of green I need,
a green of long and short grass.
A red of love, an orange of sun
and yellow of canaries.

A little bit of love I need.
Just a little bit.
And a little bit of you...
....................a little bit more of you, to live.

1 comment:

Supriya said...

No..I'm not expecting god to descend from heaven, just sending my complain mails to him ;)
Its my bittersweet relation with him/her (i still dont know god's gender)
Me likes this poem..its so colorful and so full of tiny lil hopes :))
let there be hope (GOD RU LISTENING!!!)