14th April '07

hey the worldly creatures...
a hey to you all..
a hey?
is that all I can do?
Maybe not.
Hey naaaaa
bolo bolo
hay naaaaa??..
yes would say a horse
yes would say a zebra
yes would say a donkey
what would u say?

I would say....
it's a crap question.
So the answer should be equally crappy, or you are not up to the mark of foolishness to answer this question.

spinning heads
spinning worlds
spinning beliefs (just an illusion)

an illusion that scares
an illusion that makes me roar
an illusion, a gift of the externals

yes, the externals strike again
again they play their game
the same externals,
yes the same ones,
the ones I thought were mine.

their mind i cannot fathom
their motives cannot understand
I wish it's all an illusion
and that's all there is to it

they do not kill the person
they do not kill the situation
they kill the mind
slowly, with deadly poison

pushing it into coma'
the deadly threshold
killing it mercilessly
will they rejoice?

this world has lost its glory (i know it's a boyzone line)
this world has lost its glory for me
nothing it has to entice (as of now)
the expectations become dread
and the dreams nightmares

with these so many words
I let some toxins out, maybe?
but maybe i also
pin nails into someone heart.

sorry for these nails...
which i prick again
i only try to let it out
and it comes out, just not right.

it's not about you
it's not about us
it's not about the belief in you
it's not about the trust

it's about this world
outside the one i acknowledge
it's about this other side
which i just do not like

it's about this whole big thing
which appeared from nowhere
it's about this weird nonsense
the king of nonsense, if i may say

still the donkey that i am
i bray, say yes to the hay
and go toiling nodding sweating my way
making my way to god knows where
making my way to god knows where

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