20th April '07

Web of thoughts, feelings, rights and wrongs...
confuses the hell out of me.
Am I a constitution of free thoughts, feelings and actions?
Am I whatever I perceive myself to be, because of myself?
Am I me, independent of all. Just me.
I guess not.
When will I view the victim in me...
and free it from the bounds of steel?
Yes, with the key of hope
let me unlock the trapped wings.
Let me with magic dew drops
wake me from the deep sleep.
Let me see the world it is
with all the eyes I have to see.
Let me, let me, let me,
oh, human beings.
Let me, oh humans be.
Let me and my brothers and my sisters be.
Perfection is not there.
Not anywhere it seems.
Let its shades be drawn from your eyes
Let its shades be drawn from your eyes
and see the imperfection and difference there is.
Celebrate it. Love it. Just be free......
....Live. Let live. Live. Free

The different shades of human flesh.
The various orientations to love.
The caste, creed,, religious biases are all shit.
A human is first a human.
A human is all there's to note.
A human, my friend, u see.
A human is all you see....
if you see from human eyes.

No rules I know.
No protocols I accept.
No wrongs I'm gonna support.
However small, however little, however not so loud...
...I'll voice my voice for reasons,
reasons, reasons in which I believe.

A silent spectator, is not practical.
A silent spectator is a coward.
Who slaps his/her martyrs.
Who kicks his/her legacy away.
Talk. Think. Argue. Discuss.
Voice for voice for the truth.

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